Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Should Jon Link Go Back To Albuquerque?

Jon Link, who was brought up from Albuquerque Sunday when Russ Ortiz was designated for assignment, had a nice outing today. He pitched two solid, shut-out innings.

Steve Dilbeck of the LA Times asks, "Was Link the wrong Dodgers reliever to send down?" It's a good question. I agree with what Dilbeck says:

"After Tuesday’s frustrating 11-9 loss to the Reds, the Dodgers sent Link back to Albuquerque as a prelude to activating Ronald Belisario. I would have preferred they kept Link around and designated Ramon Ortiz for assignment."

Ramon Ortiz pitched two more innings today, giving up 2 runs, bringing his ERA to a hefty 8.00.

Ramon Ortiz should have been designated for assignment, and Link should have been kept up just until Ronald Belisario came back.

The bullpen will get help from Belisario and Kuo soon. How much longer do the Dodgers stick with Ramon Ortiz?

Hopefully, not much longer.

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