Friday, October 8, 2010

2008 SP "BY THE LETTER" Matt Kemp Autograph

I've had a few yellow bubble envelopes come my way over the last few weeks. One of my most recent ebay pickups is this 2008 SP "BY THE LETTER" Matt Kemp autograph card. This is a  signed letter "M" numbered 61/99.

I wanted a Matt Kemp autograph card for a while, and I thought these cards looked so cool. Now, I don't know if I'm gonna pick up any more of the letters, but if I decide not to, I think the "M" is the one to have.

I now have a Matt Kemp autographed bobblehead and card. I need to get my Dodger team ball signed by him next.

Anyways, I also picked up a 2007 Upper Deck Premier Shawne Merriman Premier Remnants Game Used card.

While searching for the Kemp card, I stumbled across this complete Chad Billingsley set. $600 for the entire master set, which is way out of my price range.

It's beautiful


  1. Nice Kemp Auto. It's doubly cool to grab the first letter of his name too!!!

    That Billingsley didn't sell. So it looks like that may have been a bit over priced. Maybe the seller will put it up with a "Best Offer" price.

  2. Charles - Thanks. Yeah, I should make him an offer.

  3. Nice Kemp. At least taking the plunge on the whole Kemp set wouldn't be as difficult because it's only 8 letters. Think if you went after someone like Mientkiewicz. :o