Thursday, July 7, 2011

Andre Ethier Bobblehead Night

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Tonight was Andre Ethier Throwback bobblehead night. This was the fourth of the six bobblehead nights at Dodger Stadium in 2011. Presented by San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino, this bobble was given away to the first 50,000 fans in attendance. The bobblehead has Andre donning the 1940's style Brooklyn Dodger uniform, the same uniform the Dodgers have been wearing for six different midweek day games this year.

Unlike the first three bobblehead nights, tonight's game was a sellout, and you could see it. The Ravine was packed and there was some electricity in the air. Clayton Kershaw pitched a gem, leading the Dodgers to a 6-0 victory over the New York Mets. Andre Ethier went 0 for 3 with a walk on his bobblehead night.

There was a moment of silence for former Dodger Dick Williams

Let's take a look at Dre:

Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing out the "Dre" on one shoe

And the #16 on the other.
There are only two Dodger bobblehead nights left. Next up is Fernandomania bobblehead on July 26.


  1. Wish I could've been there for the bobblehead and for the electricity of the sell out crowd

  2. Should of took a pic of thr back of his cleat I like how one says dre and the other his number

  3. Format - Yes it was. I wish we had more games like that.

    True - It's been a while since I felt that at Dodger Stadium. Last time was Opening Day.

    Anon - Didn't even notice that. I'll add it.

  4. The more I see these great looking bobbles, the more disheartened I become that the Yankees wont give away bobbles anymore.

    Great Dre bobble.

  5. You do a great job photographing your bobbles.

  6. Mike - Damn Yanks. They should give away at least ONE! A bobblehead commemorating Derek Jeter's 3000th hit would be nice in 2012.

    Ryan - Thanks! Love your posts too!

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