Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bobblehead Of The Day: Hideo Nomo

It's time for another Dodger bobblehead. I've only got a few more of these bobbles left. Today we're gonna take a look at one of my all-time favorite Dodger pitchers, Hideo Nomo. You can check out Hideo's bio here. The Dodgers honored "the Tornado" with a bobblehead in 2002. 

On Saturday, August 24, 2002, the Dodgers gave away Hideo Nomo bobbleheads to the first 50,000 fans in attendance. Presented by US Bank, this bobble was made by BD&A. This was the third of three bobbleheads given away in 2002. The other two were Paul LoDuca(5/31) and Shawn Green(7/18).

The Dodgers played the Atlanta Braves that day, and won 4-3. Andy Ashby started for the Dodgers, Tom Glavine for Atlanta. Relief pitcher Paul Shuey won the game, Glavine lost. Of course, Eric Gagne got the save.

Let's take a look at Hideo:


For the life of me, I don't know what the hell I did with the box for this bobblehead. Here are a couple of pics I got online. I have always said how much I hate the BD&A bobbleheads. This is one of the better BD&A bobbles. The facial features are OK, but the overall look is pretty bland. They really should have put Hideo in his "tornado" windup. I like the way P2 used Japanese letter on Takashi Saito's bobblehead. BD&A could have done something like that, but that may have taken some creativity.


  1. Pretty nice bobble. Hopefully we see a Kuroda one at some point.

  2. They better do Hiroki this year, especially if it's his last year in Dodger blue.

  3. One would imagine, but it's not like the Dodger Front Office has been filled with great insight in recent years. Or this offseason even haha.


  4. That Nomo bobblehead looks scary.

  5. Sweet Nomo bobblehead. He was great in 2002-03 for the Dodgers. It was amazing to witness his rejuvenation. Too bad his shoulder went out in 2004.

  6. Dustin - It's the eyes man. He looks like an alien.

    Dustin - Thanks. I loved Nomo. Those were amazing years. BTW, I gave you a plug in my newest post.