Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LA Kings To Host Dodgers Pride Night

Back on July 8, the Dodgers hosted Los Angeles Kings Night at Dodger Stadium. Kings Captain Dustin Brown and Assistant Captain Matt Greene threw out the ceremonial first pitch. They were accompanied by the Kings Ice Crew and mascot Bailey. Kings alumni Daryl Evans, Ian Turnbull, Jamie Storr and Brad Norton signed autographs and took pictures with the fans in the My Town section. Those fans also received an LA Kings T-Shirt.

Now it's the Kings' turn to host the Dodgers. On Thursday, January 13, the Los Angeles Kings will celebrate Dodgers Pride Night at Staples Center.

Yesterday, I spoke with Bill Allison from the Los Angeles Kings, he gave me the details on this event. The Kings will be giving away special pucks commemorating Dodgers Pride Night. There will be special ticket pricing if you use the promo code DODGERS, $93 on the 100 level, $61 on the 200 level and $27 on the 300 level. There is also a VIP Package. For $150 you get a ticket on the 100 level, VIP access to a catered locker room suite next to the LA Kings locker room, and a chance to meet Dodger players, although Bill wasn't sure which players would be on hand. There are only 50 VIP spaces available.

It sounds like it's gonna be a fun night. I can't wait to go. Thanks to the Kings and Bill Allison for all the helpful information.


  1. That sounds like a sweet deal. I know the Mets and Islanders usually have players go to each others games like this one. Sadly, the Yankees don't do anything like this.

  2. Yankeesjetsfan - A Yankees/Rangers promotion would be nice. Unfortunately for the NY fans, they don't need to do those typse of promotions.

  3. This is the second year the Kings honor the Dodgers. Last Eric Karros dropped the pick at center ice. So as what u said it isn't the Kings turn they are up 2 nights to 1.

  4. Enrique - I meant for this season. But yeah, you're right.