Monday, April 5, 2010

Bobblehead of the Day: 2001 Fernando Valenzuela

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On Sunday, July 29, 2001, the Los Angeles Dodgers gave away Fernando Valenzuela bobbleheads. The bobble, made by BD&A, was presented by Las Palmas. This was the last of three bobbleheads given away that season. The first two were Tommy Lasorda and Kirk Gibson.

The Dodgers played the Colorado Rockies and lost 3-2.

This is the first of two Fernando Valenzuela given by the Dodgers. The second was given away in 2006.

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  1. They ran out of bobble heads at 720pm. That sucked. Vouchers were handed out for the bobble head available in September. Also a voucher for a free game. Sucks cause now you have to buy another ticket.....Dodgers way of filling up the seats, I know 50,000 bobble heads werent handed out.