Thursday, June 30, 2011

All-Star Voting Ends Soon

All-Star voting ends in about one hour, at 8:59pm Pacific Time. Matt Kemp currently sits in fourth place behind Ryan Braun, Lance Berkman and Matt Holiday. Andre Ethier is behind Kemp in fifth. You can vote for Kemp and Ethier here. You can vote up to 25 times. Let's make Matt Kemp a National League starter!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Player Appearances: Steve Yeager and Ron Cey

Former Dodgers Ron Cey, Steve Yeager and Manny Mota were scheduled to sign autographs for fans attending the Viva Los Dodgers Celebration at Dodger Stadium today. Mota was supposed to sign from 11:30-12:15, and Yeager and Cey from 11:30-12:30. They were there for the ThinkCure! weekend, and were asking fans to donate $5 for the autograph.

I arrived at 10:30, and was one of the first there. I actually saw Yeager walk up to the event, but decided to wait until he got to the signing table before I asked for an autograph. Once he got his Dodgers jersey on, he started signing right away and took pictures with the first few people. I had him sign a baseball card.

No one really knew where Mota and Cey would be signing, but a line started forming next to Yeager, so I got in it. After waiting 20 minutes, we were told that was where Cey would be signing, but he was going to be late. He did finally arrive at 12:15, and started signing right away. Since he was running late, we were told he would only sign one item and he wouldn't take pictures. I decided to get my Cey/Lopes/Russell/Garvey picture signed, but had a bobblehead ready anyway.

When I got to the front of the line, I noticed Cey was signing in blue Sharpie, and the rest of the signatures on my picture were in black. He didn't have a black Sharpie on him, so while I was fumbling through my bag for a black Sharpie, he picked up my bobblehead and signed it! Then I gave him a black Sharpie and he signed my picture too! I left ten dollars in the donation box and left.

There was no official word as to why, but Manny Mota never showed up.While I was there, I thought I'd get some swag. Time Warner was giving away Fernando Valenzuela blankets! WooHoo!

I saw so many people today, so I'm not going to list everyone. It was nice seeing you all. Thanks to Teresa for joining me today and thanks to Mike for the Yeager card. Also, thanks to Vin Scully Is My Homeboy for event information.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

MLB Bobblehead Pros

Back in January, I mentioned a new video game coming out called MLB Bobblehead Pros. The game is being released by 2K Sports. This is how they describe the game:
"This is a baseball simulation game in which players compete using "bobblehead doll" versions of real major league players. Players can customize teams, set up player positions and pitching styles, and run through entire seasons with various teams."
A few weeks ago, at E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, 2K Sports had a demo of the game. Here's the trailer:

Of course they had to show us a game between the Mets and the Yankees (ugh). The best part comes 1:49 in when Johann Santana throws a pitch over the plate and ARod swings, misses and falls on his ass, the whole time his head is bobbling!

From what I can see, the player's faces look very realistic, while everything else in the game, is cartoon-ish, including the player's bodies and the stadium they're playing in. As a bobblehead enthusiast, I wouldn't mind giving this game a shot, it looks like a lot of fun. This game will be available for download on XBox 360 and PS3 later this year.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Contest Time!

It's time for another bobblehead contest. Once again, the contest will be sponsored by, the world's largest SGA bobblehead reseller. For this next contest, we'll be giving away an Andre Ethier Throwback bobblehead, the same one the Dodgers are giving away on July 7.

When's the contest? The contest will be held on Friday, July 8, following the Dodgers/Padres game. How do you win the Ethier bobblehead? Here are the rules:

(1)You must be a follower of this blog. What does that mean? Your name must be in my list of 'Followers' in the blog sidebar. If you're already a follower, you can win. If you're not a follower, click on the 'FOLLOW' button in the sidebar.

(2)You must be a fan of on Facebook. Click here, and 'LIKE' their page. Why do you need to do that? That's where you'll be answering the question to win the bobblehead.

(3)Answer the question correctly. On Friday, July 8, I'll post a question here on The first person to answer the question correctly on the BobblesGalore Facebook page will win Andre Ethier.

If anyone has a question about the contest, email me at Remember, you must be a follower of and a fan of BobblesGalore on Facebook.

I would also like to mention, Bobbles Galore is taking pre-orders on the Andre Ethier bobblehead. If you can't make it to the game, you can pre-order one by clicking here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tommy Lasorda Loves Bobbleheads

The Dodgers have put out some pretty good commercials this year, including a few with bobblehead themes. This is one the better commercials, an ad for Andre Ethier bobblehead night.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Max Scherzer Detroit Tigers Bobblehead

Last week, the Detroit Tigers gave away Max Scherzer bobbleheads to all kids in attendance. It was just another bobblehead night at an MLB ballpark. This is a really cool bobbleheads though, and one I want to add to my collection. What's so special about this nodder? Well, the makers of the bobblehead really did a good a job on Scherzer, getting all the details right, including the eyes.

What's with his eyes? Scherzer has heterochromia iridis, two different colored eyes,  his right eye is blue and his left one is brown. The bobblehead has that special detail, and I love a detailed bobblehead. The more it looks like the player, the better the bobblehead. This one is on the money.

Check out those eyes!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bud Says No To Fox Deal

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has rejcted a proposed deal between the Dodgers and Fox Sports.

Commissioner Bud Selig informed Dodgers owner Frank McCourt on Monday that he would not approve a lengthy extension to a media rights deal between the ballclub and FOX, placing his ownership of the historic franchise in jeopardy.
Selig said he'd given the contract -- reported to be as high as $3 billion with a sizeable upfront payment -- a great deal of consideration, but in the end it didn't conform with the best interest of the ballclub or Dodger fans.
"Critically, the transaction is structured to facilitate the further diversion of Dodgers assets for the personal needs of Mr. McCourt," Selig said. "Given the magnitude of the transaction, such a diversion of assets would have the effect of mortgaging the future of the franchise to the long-term detriment of the club and its fans."
Selig can do this within his authority based on the debt-service rule, which doesn't allow franchises to borrow on future assets in order to pay current bills. Under the rule, owners must sell equity in the team to raise revenue, decrease spending or both.

Major League Baseball took over the day-to-day business operations of the Dodgers this spring and has been investigating its finances. That report is due by the end of the month. At that point, Selig will determine whether McCourt must sell the team.

Last week, McCourt and his ex-wife, Jamie, reached an agreement out of court, which was contingent upon Major League Baseball's approval of the between the Dodgers and FOX. With Monday's ruling by Selig, that agreement is null and void and must now go back to divorce court in Los Angeles.

McCourt repeatedly has said that he needs the upfront payment from the TV deal to pay his bills. A payroll of $30 million that includes $8 million in deferred payments to ex-Dodger Manny Ramirez is due by the end of the month.
Selig said that he's sent McCourt a letter on Monday that detailed the reasons why he could not improve the media deal.

"Mr. McCourt has been provided with an expansive analysis of my reasons for rejecting this proposed transaction," Selig said. ""As I have said before, we owe it to the legion of loyal Dodger fans to ensure that this club is being operated properly now and will be guided appropriately in the future. This transaction would not accomplish these goals."
We're one step closer to Franks departure.

2011 All-Star Game Cacti

For the last few years, the cities hosting the MLB All-Star game have had themed statues spread around their area. There were Mickey Mouse statues all over Southern California for last year's game in Anaheim, arches in 2009 for St. Louis, replica Statues of Liberty in 2008 for New York, and other themes in previous years.

This year, Phoenix is the host city, and they've gone with the cactus statues. Ten 7 1/2-foot-tall, 700-pound saguaro cactus statues will be spread across the Greater Phoenix area. There are four designs, two of them are D-Backs designs, one is a 2011 All-Star design and the fourth is an AL/NL design, which has the logos of all 30 MLB teams. Unfortunately, there aren't any individual team cacti.

Last week, the Shop began selling the 7.5 inch versions of the statues. I would have bought a Dodger version if they made one.

What do you think of the Cactus Statues, cool or corny?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Player Appearance: Tony Gwynn Jr.

Dodger outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. made an appearance today at the Metro PCS Store in East Los Angeles. He was scheduled to sign autographs from 12:00-1:00. 

I arrived at the location at 9:45, and there were about 10 people in line waiting. I wasn't expecting many people to be there because he signed the day before, plus there were many other Dodger appearances around SoCal today.

While waiting in line, the Metro PCS staff passed out ticket vouchers, and other Dodger swag. They also gave us tickets for a raffle. Old School radio station 93.5 KDAY was on hand entertaining the crowd.

TGJ arrived on time. When he got there, I'd say there were 50 people in line. The Metro PCS staff told us we could get two autographs each and take a picture with him.

Once Gwynn got to the signing table, the line moved right away. I had him sign a ball and my autograph hat.

Thanks to Tony Gwynn Jr, Metro PCS and for event info. Once again, it was great hanging out with Mike from Nomo's Sushi Platter. I also want to give a shout out to Kenny and Alisha, it was nice meeting the both of you!

First Look: Fernandomania Bobblehead

The Dodgers released a hi-res image of the Fernandomania bobblehead which will be given away Tuesday, July 26, when the Dodgers play the Colorado Rockies. Presented by Kaiser Permanente, this bobblehead will be given away to the first 50,000 fans in attendance.

This bobblehead celebrates the 30th anniversary of "Fernandomania". It depicts the 1981 version of Fernando in front of a scoreboard, signing a mitt. He's also wearing a jacket. This is only the second Dodger bobblehead to sport a jacket.

This may be the best looking Dodger bobblehead yet.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Player Appearance: Shawn Green

Former Dodger outfielder Shawn Green made an appearance at Barnes & Noble in Glendale this evening. He was there signing his new book, "The Way of Baseball: Finding Stillness at 95 mph". He was scheduled to appear from 6 to 7 pm.

I arrived at Barnes & Noble at 5:45, and there were about 100 people in line. I knew I had to buy a book to get the autograph. I was actually there to buy two, one for me and the other for my sister. Once I made the purchase I got into the line, and that's when Shawn arrived, right at 6:00.

We were told we could get one piece of memorabilia signed for every book we purchased. I bought two books, so I got my Shawn Green bobblehead and one card ready for signing. The line moved slowly, but that's because he was posing for pictures and chit-chatting with everyone. The Barnes & Noble staff were actually being very nice and taking pics for the fans.

Once I got to the front of the line, he shook my hand, took a picture with me and signed everything I put in front of him. We also talked a bit about his book tour and living in New York. Greenie was very friendly and I could have talked to him for hours. I really did have a million things to ask him.

Thanks to Shawn Green, Barnes & Noble, and Vin Scully Is My Homeboy for the appearance info. It was also nice meeting photog extraordinaire, Ben from The sky is Big In Pasadena.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Look At Fernandomania Bobblehead

Photo via

The Dodgers released a new ticket mini plan today, the Retro 4-Pack. This ticket plan includes the remaining three bobbleheads, Andre Ethier on July 7, Fernando Valenzuela "FernandoMania" on July 26, and Duke Snider on August 9. It also includes the Brooklyn Dodgers fleece blanket on September 13. The plans start at $15 a seat.

 With the announcement of the plan, the Dodgers also released a picture of the remaing three bobblehead boxes. On the FernandoMania box, we get the first glimpse of the actual bobblehead. It's a bit difficult to see, but it looks like a young Fernando standing in front of a scoreboard. If anyone knows exactly what it is or if anyone has any guesses, I'd love to hear from you.

 I'm hoping the Dodgers release a hi-res picture of the bobblehead soon. Thanks to BobbleheadFred for the tip.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hong-Chih Kuo Bobblehead Night

Click here to purchase
Tonight was Hong-Chih Kuo bobblehead night at Dodger Stadium. The first 50,000 fans in attendance received a Kuo bobblehead courtesy of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

Once again, the stadium was empty. The announced attendance tonight was 39,000+, but there's no way that many people showed up to the game. If I were to guess, I'd say the attendance was closer to 25,000.

The Dodgers played the Cincinnati Reds tonight, and lost 3-2. Both starting pitchers looked good,but in the end, it was a battle of the bullpens, and the Reds relievers came out on top.

Let's take a look at Hong-Chih Kuo:

When the promotional schedule first came out, I was excited to see six bobbleheads on the list. Now I'm starting to think it was overkill. Too many bobbleheads this year. I hope they go back to three or four bobblehead in 2012.

As good as Kuo was last season, it's hard to justify him recieving a bobblehead now. This is also one of the more disappointing bobbbleheads in recent years. There's nothing spectacular about this at all.

I'd like to say, it was very nice to sit and watch the game with Spiegel, from Nomo's Sushi Platter, and his girlfriend Martha.  It was also nice seeing Greg from Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle. And last but not least, Alexis, Jackie and Jasmine, we had a great time tonight!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tomorrow's Kuo Bobblehead Night

Don't forget, tomorrow is Hong-Chih Kuo bobblehead night at the Ravine.  The first 50,000 fans at Tuesday's game will receive Hong-Chih Kuo bobbleheads presented by Taiwan Tourism Bureau. Kuo is the longest-tenured Dodger and was the first Taiwanese All-Star. Kuo's ERA of 1.20 last season was the lowest in Dodger history among pitchers with at least 50.0 innings pitched.

Kuo has been on the Disabled List since May 11 with an anxiety disorder. He has been rehabbing in Rancho Cucomonga, and pitched a perfect inning on Saturday. Hopefully he's at Dodger Stadium tomorrow for his bobblehead night.