Sunday, June 26, 2011

Player Appearances: Steve Yeager and Ron Cey

Former Dodgers Ron Cey, Steve Yeager and Manny Mota were scheduled to sign autographs for fans attending the Viva Los Dodgers Celebration at Dodger Stadium today. Mota was supposed to sign from 11:30-12:15, and Yeager and Cey from 11:30-12:30. They were there for the ThinkCure! weekend, and were asking fans to donate $5 for the autograph.

I arrived at 10:30, and was one of the first there. I actually saw Yeager walk up to the event, but decided to wait until he got to the signing table before I asked for an autograph. Once he got his Dodgers jersey on, he started signing right away and took pictures with the first few people. I had him sign a baseball card.

No one really knew where Mota and Cey would be signing, but a line started forming next to Yeager, so I got in it. After waiting 20 minutes, we were told that was where Cey would be signing, but he was going to be late. He did finally arrive at 12:15, and started signing right away. Since he was running late, we were told he would only sign one item and he wouldn't take pictures. I decided to get my Cey/Lopes/Russell/Garvey picture signed, but had a bobblehead ready anyway.

When I got to the front of the line, I noticed Cey was signing in blue Sharpie, and the rest of the signatures on my picture were in black. He didn't have a black Sharpie on him, so while I was fumbling through my bag for a black Sharpie, he picked up my bobblehead and signed it! Then I gave him a black Sharpie and he signed my picture too! I left ten dollars in the donation box and left.

There was no official word as to why, but Manny Mota never showed up.While I was there, I thought I'd get some swag. Time Warner was giving away Fernando Valenzuela blankets! WooHoo!

I saw so many people today, so I'm not going to list everyone. It was nice seeing you all. Thanks to Teresa for joining me today and thanks to Mike for the Yeager card. Also, thanks to Vin Scully Is My Homeboy for event information.


  1. Good stuff. If I would have awoken earlier, I would have rolled with ya. I hate being a bum sometimes.

  2. I should have called you yesterday. That was my bad.

  3. Where's Ron Cey?
    He's been my Dodger hero since 1974.