Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 All-Star Game Cacti

For the last few years, the cities hosting the MLB All-Star game have had themed statues spread around their area. There were Mickey Mouse statues all over Southern California for last year's game in Anaheim, arches in 2009 for St. Louis, replica Statues of Liberty in 2008 for New York, and other themes in previous years.

This year, Phoenix is the host city, and they've gone with the cactus statues. Ten 7 1/2-foot-tall, 700-pound saguaro cactus statues will be spread across the Greater Phoenix area. There are four designs, two of them are D-Backs designs, one is a 2011 All-Star design and the fourth is an AL/NL design, which has the logos of all 30 MLB teams. Unfortunately, there aren't any individual team cacti.

Last week, the Shop began selling the 7.5 inch versions of the statues. I would have bought a Dodger version if they made one.

What do you think of the Cactus Statues, cool or corny?


  1. Kind of corny, but for some reason, Ive never seen these before. although I remember the mickey mouse statues for last years game in anaheim.

  2. I like the themes idea. However, the only one that I have ever really seen pulled off with any sense of imagination and purpose was the New York All-Star game with 10 foot statue of liberties set around town and each painted or decorated in a teams colors and logos. So 30 in all. Really great concept.

  3. Format - agreed, although I probably pick one up if they made a Dodger version.

    RGoode - the statue of libertys were by far the best. I own the Brooklyn Dodgers version.

  4. I'm going with corny but I can't lie, i'd probably buy a Dodger one

  5. True - Yeah. I feel the same way!