Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Max Scherzer Detroit Tigers Bobblehead

Last week, the Detroit Tigers gave away Max Scherzer bobbleheads to all kids in attendance. It was just another bobblehead night at an MLB ballpark. This is a really cool bobbleheads though, and one I want to add to my collection. What's so special about this nodder? Well, the makers of the bobblehead really did a good a job on Scherzer, getting all the details right, including the eyes.

What's with his eyes? Scherzer has heterochromia iridis, two different colored eyes,  his right eye is blue and his left one is brown. The bobblehead has that special detail, and I love a detailed bobblehead. The more it looks like the player, the better the bobblehead. This one is on the money.

Check out those eyes!


  1. awsome! vinny just was talking about this! about his eyes.

  2. I heard that! Vinny covers it all!

  3. That looks like a nice one. A David Bowie Bobblhead would probably look the same as he also has different colored eyes.

    The one I want to get is the Dusty Baker one the Reds will give out on July 2. It has a toothpick holder. It looks really nice and he is one of my faovorite Dodgers.

    I suppose they could have had a Bubble Gum one for Dusty too. I always remember when he went out to left field at Dodger Stadium fans would throw packs of Bubble Gume to him and the ball boys would walk away with hat fulls of bubble gum. At that time left field was called "Bakersfield". Great memories of when I first started going to games. Fun times.

    BTW Josh I will be going to the next two Bobblhead nights Ethier and Fernandomania. But that will be it for me this season. The Ethier is a nice one and I like the Fernando Mania one as well. Can you say STUB HUB.

  4. Bruce - I would love a David Bowie bobblehead. I'm going to start collecting pop-culture bobbleheads soon.

    I want that Dusty bobblehead as well. I might have to pick that one up on ebay, I don't know any Cincinnati fans who could pick one up for me.

    A cool bubblegum bobblehead is the Baltimore Orioles Adam Jones. He's making a catch at the wall, while blowing a bubble. You can see that

    Just go to Duke Snider. By then, Frank won't even own the team.

  5. that is so cool! I want one!!