Thursday, April 29, 2010

Carlos Monasterios To Start Saturday

Carlos Monasterios will be making his first career start Saturday against the Pittsburgh Pirates, tweets DodgertownUSA.

Coming out of the bullpen, Monasterios has been invovled in 7 games. He's pitched 10.2 innings and has an era of 1.69.

Joe Torre had other options. Hiroki Kuroda is scheduled to pitch Sunday. Joe Torre said he wouldn't move Kuroda to Saturday because that would only give him three days rest, after starting Tuesday. Charlie Haeger was another option, but he pitched Tuesday as well, and that would mean only three days rest for the knuckleballer.

Carlos Monasterios has really only been in non-pressure situations so far this year. Like John Ely earlier this week, Monasterios will be thrown into the fire. It's time to see what this kid's got.


  1. The Dodgers are going to be in a tough position all year. With the McCourt divorce continuing to be the dredge of the franchise it is going to be nearly impossible to fill any needs that will come about in August. Elbert or another minor leaguer better step up.

  2. Yeah. I think we could end up seeing some guys from AAA and AA come up soon, especially with the way Joe Torre abuses his bullpen. Ramon Troncoso is leading the majors in appearances already. His arm will fall off eventually.

    I expect to see Elbert and James McDonald at some point this season.