Thursday, April 1, 2010

DeWitt And Haeger Are Starters

Joe Torre announced today that Blake DeWitt would be the Dodgers starting second baseman and that Charlie Haeger would be the fifth starter in the Dodgers rotation.

"Blake DeWitt is our second baseman," Torre said. "Over the long haul, DeWitt needs to play everyday.

I'm a huge Blake DeWitt fan, and I'm happy he's gonna start at second base. He really proved he can hit this spring. He needs some work defensively, but that will come in time, especially if he's playing everyday.

I love the decision to start Charlie Haeger too. He showed us last season he has what it takes to start in the majors. He's been great this spring too. After his last start, I don't think there was any doubt he had won that last rotation spot.

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