Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Andre Ethier Bobbleheads On Ebay

Did you miss out on last night's Andre Ethier bobblehead giveaway? Check eBay. But bring your credit card. They're selling as high as $75.00 each. You can get a lot of ten for $450. Or, a lot of 24 for $1079.95.

It strange to see those people at Dodger Stadium trying to buy bobbleheads just they so they can put them on ebay.


  1. yea i hate when i see a guy with like 3 or 4 bobbleheads b4 the game even start that sucks for us that are just trying to collect them.

  2. Why the fuck would you care he pays his money, I go to all bobblehead nights with my wife I missed only 1 game since 2002, I payed to get the 1 we missed wtf thanks too the guy that go's gets 20 from the cheapest seats and leaves lol looking like santa $5 seats he sells em for $20 plus shipping Americas fat and lazy fucks help em out they don't like to worj