Friday, May 28, 2010

First Look: James Loney Bobblehead

Just got that first pic of the James Loney bobblehead. The Dodgers will be giving away this Loney bobble to the first 50,000 fans in attendance on Tuesday, July 20.

Offhand, I must admit it's a pretty nice looking nodder. I like the stance. The skin tone and facial features seem right, including the beard.

I can't wait for this one.


  1. Agree...I really like this one. Plus, it's about time JLo ws honored with a bobble.

    Also like the Broxton one previewed in the last day or two. Captures his arm hang move well (my sister-in-law calls it "stirring the pot").

  2. Dusty - Agreed. It is about time he got a bobblehead. The Broxton one looks good too. Matt Kemp will get the last bobblehead of the year.

    I hope to see one for Billingsley and Kershaw next year.

  3. Kershaw, Bills, Kuo, and Kuroda (if he resigns). I could see them give Ely one if he continues to pitch well. Fan yearning and what not.

  4. KK - If Elymania continues, yeah I could see that. Hell, Joe Beimel got one a couple of years ago. Kemp is getting his second. Manny got two last year. I want a bills and Kershaw.

    I know Vin doesn't want them to make a bobblehead of him, but if he retires, maybe they give him one.

  5. Yeah, if Vin leaves, they'll almost certainly give him one. I remember when Beimel won the fan vote, I was like damn.

    But hey, now I have a Beimel Bobblehead. It would have been pretty funny if his hand had glass in it.

    Only in the minors though would they even consider doing that haha.