Saturday, June 12, 2010

Player Appearance: Jonathan Broxton

Dodger Closer Jonathan Broxton was signing autographs in Koreatown today. The event was at the Verizon Wireless Store on Wilshire Blvd. from 12:00 to 1:00pm. I arrived at 10:45, just 15 minutes before wrist bands were handed out. I want to thank Albert, Linda and Chris for getting there early and holding a spot in line for me and my buddy Tom.

There were about 200 people ahead of us in line. I wasn't as motivated to take pictures this week as I was last week at the Casey Blake appearance, but I'd say there were another 300 or 400 people behind us when the event began.

The event staff and security walked down the line of people and informed us all that Jonathan would only sign one item and that pictures would not be allowed. Great.

The event started on time, and once the line began to move, people were in and out quickly as if we were in an assembly line. Once in the store, we were told at least five times that Brox would only sign one item and that no pictures could be taken. Of course, I had my Jonathan Broxton bobblehead that was given away just this Tuesday at Dodger Stadium. Brox signed the hat in silver sharpie, I was handed a picture, then sent on my way.

I wish they would have let us take pictures, but I understand it would take forever, and the event was only an hour long. Whatever. It was a nice experience.


  1. Nice sig, looks great on the bobble.

    I really wanted to go, but I called and there seemed to be a long line at like 9:00, figured I couldn't make it in time with only an hour of him signing.

    Went to a Kevin Love signing instead. Pretty sweet. And I got the added benefit of meeting Mike Love haha. There were like 20 people max, pretty weird compared to the Dodgers' events.

  2. KK - Really? That's it 20 people. Damn, If I would have known, I would have made the trip to get that autograph too. Did you get pics?

  3. Pic with both Loves and one of them signing for others. I got there at like 12 for a 1:00 event, thinking the line would be long. First one there, I left at like 1:40 so maybe more people came, but it was pretty empty all things considered.

    I'll recap during the week at some point. Nice store, all types of memorabilia and cards galore.

  4. They had wayyyyy to much cool Dodgers stuff, but I know nothing about cards, so I didn't really know what would be worth buying.

    I almost bought this card though, couldn't stop laughing.

  5. That's pretty sweet. Do you have a large collection of autographed bobbles?