Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thank You

I never got to thank Mike at the for the amazing work he did on the blog's new banner. You probably have seen some of Mike's other great work, like the original "Win For Vin" and "In Beard We Trust" t-shirts. He's got one of the best Dodger blogs around. You can check out the here.

Thanks again Mike.


  1. Wait till you get me bill. JK The page looks great

  2. BTB- I think winning is out of the question

    Mike - It looks great thanks to you.

  3. cool heading... i was messing with photoshop and copied mike a


  4. Dodger_Fever - Mark, I didn't realize this was you. That is amazing work, I love it. Can I keep it?

  5. If only it had the new Kemp Bobble....

    Still awesome though.