Monday, September 20, 2010

Bobblehead News

Some bobblehead news and notes on a quiet Monday night:

Reminder, the Dodgers will only hold TWO more Twitter Tuesday contests this season. They've been giving away Matt Kemp Gold Glove bobbleheads and Andre Ethier Silver Slugger bobbleheads all season long. Maybe they will offer those up as prizes these next two weeks. We'll have to wait and see.

Greg over at Plaschke Thy Sweater Is Argyle was one of the lucky Twitter Tuesday winners this season. You can read about his Matt Kemp Gold Glove bobblehead here.

Al Yellon, managing editor at SB Nation Chicago, shows us some of the more unusual, interesting and offbeat bobbleheads given away over the years, including a Dottie Key Rockford Peaches bobblehead, Ryan Theriot's fisherman bobblehead and my favorite, the Player To Be Named Later bobblehead.

A perfect tribute to baseball transactions everywhere, "PTBNL" has as generic a face as you could possibly imagine, although this bobblehead technically isn't a "Player TO BE Named Later; he's actually "Player WHO IS Named Later."

After 41 years as the Chicago White Sox organist, Nancy Faust will retire at season's end. This past Saturday, she was honored with a bobblehead, which was given to the first 10,000 White Sox fans in attendance. As a Dodger fan, I'd love to see long-time Dodgers organist Nancy Bea Hefley honored with a bobblehead one day.

And in non-sports related bobblehead news, a 14 year-old Brooklyn boy has created the worlds largest bobblehead. Standing 16 feet tall, the bobblehead, which started out as a Jerry Seinfeld look-alike but has since taken a more general male form, took more than a year to build out of PVC piping, chicken wire, fabric papier-maché and springs.

This is what happens when you're really, really bored.


  1. I think that's really cool about the Nancy Faust bobblehead. What a tribute! Is there a Vin Scully bobble head? I agree that there needs to be a Nancy Bea Hefley bobblehead.

  2. Jessica - Yes, there was a Vin bobblehead made. His wife had it made for an event, and it was given to friends and family. You can see the bobblehead and read about it here.

  3. Awesomeness, that's so cool to have organist bobbleheads.

    - Checkout this bobblehead of a "famous" beverage vender called "The Conehead". He works at the Buffalo Bisons (Mets AAA team) and Buffalo Sabres games: eBay item ID #: 120530324916

  4. Charles - That's a cool bobblehead. The Dodgers have a vendor named Roger "the Peanut Man" Owens who is probably worthy of a bobblehead too.

  5. as soon as the roger owens bobble comes out, bro, i'm buying you 10!

  6. KK - And we'll run around tossing them to people!

  7. The Kemp bobblehead is really nice one of the better ones they have made. However that was his 2nd bobblehead. I really hope they make a Kershaw bobblehead next season. He was definitly one of the true bright spots on an otherwise disappointing season this year. If anyone deserves a bobblhead it is Clayton.

  8. Thanks! Vin Scully is such a respectable man. He doesn't want to take away from the attention of the baseball players. He's such a class act.

    I also would love to see a Clayton Kershaw bobble head.