Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lilly Staying In LA

According to the LA Times, the  Dodgers have signed pitcher Ted Lilly to a three-year deal. The dollar amount on the contract hasn't been announced yet. The deal is expected to be finalized once Lilly passes a physical next week.

Lilly went 7-4 in 12 starts for the Dodgers and had a 3.52 ERA. He also had the lowest run support in the majors.

The Dodgers now have three of the five rotation spots filled, with Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw holding down the other two spots. The team is still expected to have interest in re-signing Hiroki Kuroda and Vicente Padilla.

I'm curious to see what the Dodgers are gonna pay Lilly over the next three seasons. I wouldn't be surprised if Ned Colletti overpayed for the 34 year old. Well, maybe Frank McCourt is willing to spend some money this offseason.


  1. It's a good decision to keep him even though 3 years for a 34 year old is a bad deal for any team. McCourt is being wishy-washy, saying he is cutting spending then going out and spending money (like at the deadline last season). Tomorrow may bring a different development with him.

  2. BTB - I can't say if this is a good deal or not until I find out what the terms are. If they overspent on Lilly, who knows how much they'll have left to spend on the offense and two other starting pitchers. They still need a starting right fielder and second baseman

  3. I think Lilly is a good mentor to Kershaw. He provides a good veteran presence to the rotation. Lilly needs some run support. Doesn't Ethier play right field? I think we are very much looking for a starting left fielder though!

  4. Jessica- Yeah, Ethier is in right. The Dodgers need a left fielder and a second baseman right now.

  5. I would like Theriot to come back but who would be a good free agent besides Theriot that they would sign?