Thursday, November 11, 2010

2011 Dodger Bobbleheads

Alright Dodger fans, the 2011 promotional schedule is out. We already knew there would be six bobbleheads giveaways next year, and I did make my bobble predictions a few weeks ago. Were any of my predictions right? Well, the Dodgers did reveal who four of the 6 bobbleheads would be. Here are the six dates:

Tuesday, May 17, Clayton Kershaw
Wednesday, June 1, Don Mattingly
Tuesday, June 14, TBA
Thursday, July 7, Andre Ethier
Tuesday, July 26,  Fernandomania
Tuesday, August 9, TBA

I did predict the Dodgers would honor Mattingly and Kershaw. I'm not surprised they're giving Fernando a bobble 30 years after Fernandomania, although it's his third Dodger Stadium giveaway. I am surprised they're giving away another Andre Ethier though. So who will those other two be? I still think Hong Chih Kuo will get one, and Chad Billingsley deserves the other.


  1. Fernandomania... nice! I actually just watched the Valenzuela 30 for 30 today (I know, I'm a bad Dodger fan) and it was great.

    If the Dodgers have any stones, they'll retire No. 34 that night.

  2. That was a great 30 for 30. They need to retire that number.

  3. Now they just need to get some hitters so it will be worth buying tickets to these games. I really hope they are active in the off-season. If not I just may wait for the bobbleheads to come up on e-bay.

  4. Bruce - I'm actually considering buying the 25 game mini-plan. You can choose any 25 games you want including the bobblehead nights. It seems like a good deal.

  5. Yes!!! Kuo and Billingsley would be perfect! Bit heavy on the pitcherside but I'm not complaining :)

  6. Dutch - Yeah, but they've always had more hitters than pitchers, so it would be nice to see a pitcher-heavy bobblehead schedule.

  7. i think vin scully should get one since he might retire after this season

  8. Vin has said in the past he did not want a bobblehead.

  9. Just getting into collecting these. I have 3 Hershiser's if anyone wants to trade?

    1. Hershiser live here in Vegas. He's a regular poker player so I'm hoping to get all three signed!