Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Hate The Giants More Than Ever

Photo Credit Eric Gay/AP

The Giants won the World Series last night. I've acknowledged it. That's all I will do. Am I jealous of the fans in San Francisco? Hell Yeah. This is what I want for my beloved Dodgers, a world championship. I think I hate the Giants and their fans more than ever now.

This is exactly what the Dodgers need though, a wake up call for this organization.  This should be motivation for Frank McCourt and  Ned Colleti to put a championship caliber team together. The hated rivals from up north should be sniffing the Dodgers' rears every year.


  1. That's it!! Release your anger. Many great achievements were born from anger. NYC has also lost it's choke hold on Giants' history now. 1954 is dead. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. LOL.

  2. BTB - Yeah, I'm pissed. I hope Dodger management feels the same way. They should want to win more than ever.

    Agreed on what you said about the NY Giants. 1954 is now dead.

  3. Some of Dodger management might feel that way, but there is always the double agent who is Ned Colletti. Can't forget his ties to 'Frisco.

    Officially baseball Armageddon. It's quite depressing for Dodger fans... especially Dodger fans who live 90 mins from 'Frisco (me).

  4. Dustin - Ned sucks. He'll make sure we suffer
    You live in enemy territory?

    Matt - Congrats man. Enjoy. I admit, I'm jealous.

  5. DB - Yep. Have for nearly 26 years. I live in a suburb of Sacramento... I'm so sick of the bandwagoners. Unfortunately, some of my good friends are Giant fans (real fans, not the aforementioned bandwagoners), so they're gloating for sure.

  6. The only good thing that comes from the Giants winning the WS is that it makes Frank McCourt look like he does not know a darn thing about how to run a baseball team. The giants spend money on players and know how to build a great team especially the pitching. Amazing Pitching

    I send congrats to the SF Giants Front office and management they know to run and build a good baseball team Unlike McCourt. Gosh I hope he sells the team.

    I hope I am not the only one that feels this way

  7. A couple other thoughts. I saw Brain Sabian(SP) the Giants GM being interviewed after the game last night. His voice sounds exactly like Ned Coletti.

    Being a LA Kings fan this is just as bad as the Ducks winning a Stanley Cup before the Kings did. The LA Kings management should be embarassed that the expansion Ducks won a cup before they did. 1992 what might have been if it were not for McSorley's bent stick.

  8. Dustin - It must be tough living up there. Represent the blue!

    Bruce - I never really liked how Sabean put his offenses together. But it really worked this year.

    I do think Kershaw will be as good as Timmy Lincecum. The Dodgers pitching should be fine.It's the offense I'm worried about.

    Agreed on the Kings.1992 was the best chance to win. Gretzky was amazing that year. I love the Kings this year BTW.

  9. Dude, I just got back from Vegas... there were SO many bandwagon/fair-weather Giants fans there. I went to two different hat stores and every time 15 different people would come in looking for Giants caps. I only mention this because I feel like you would appreciate (and/or be annoyed) by the story. : (

  10. GOD hates the giants. I hate the giants. I will not capitalize that disgusting name. I will not congratulate them or their fans. McCourt wake up and sell our beloved Dodgers to someone who wants to build a winner.

  11. I'm ashamed to admit Hensley Meulens (hitting coach) is from the Netherlands Antilles, so Dutch passport :( Don't blame me though! Dodger blue 4 ever!

  12. Are No - I'm not shocked, it's always like that when a team wins. The only thing worse than a Giants fan is a bandwagon Giants fan.

    Scott - I wish God was kinder to us Dodger fans. 2011 baby!

    Dutch - Everyone's gotta work, even if it's for the Giants. I met people from the Dutch Antilles. Nicest people in the world.

  13. Dodgerbobble,

    I was AT game 5 of the '88 WS cheering for the A's. I have no idea what the celebration looked like because I didn't look. What's amazing about the Giants/Dodgers WS victories is that the last one the Giants won was in '54, and the very first one the Dodgers won was the very next year. It's like the page turned that year. We've been envious all this time, but what can you expect without a single ace in the three decades between Marichal and Schmidt.

    Dustin said, "His (Brian Sabean's) voice sounds exactly like Ned Coletti." Exactly is a good word. When Coletti was the Giants' assistant GM I could never tell which one they were interviewing on the radio until they said so.