Friday, December 3, 2010

2007 Bowman's Best Russell Martin Autograph

On Thursday, the Dodgers non-tendered catcher Russell Martin, making him a free agent. Even though Russell's numbers had been declining over the last 2 seasons, I still hoped the Dodgers could come to an agreement with him. Unfortunately, his asking price for 2011 was a bit steep at $5 miilion + $1 million in incentives. I understand why the Dodgers did what they did. I wish the best for Russell. Hopefully he finds a team that gives him a chance to start and maybe even regain that 2007 All-Star form he lost.

Since Russ is leaving LA, I wanna show his auto card  before he puts another team's uniform on. This is his 2007 Bowman's Best Autograph #49. I always wanted to get Russell's bobblehead autographed. Since I'll probably never get that opportunity, this is the next best thing.

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  1. Sweet card DB! It's too bad Martin regressed so much and then proceeded to get hurt. Really sad.

  2. Dustin - gotta move on. Let's hope Barajas puts up some decent numbers.

  3. Dustin - Yeah, I know. I think I'm the only one with faith in Barajas.