Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dodgerbobble and Bobbles Galore Link Up

Since I started writing this blog one year ago, I've been asked hundreds of times how to get different bobbleheads. I get emails from people wondering where they can get older Dodger stadium giveaways and rare Dodger bobbleheads. People also ask me if I want to sell from my personal collection. I won't sell any of the bobbleheads from my collection, but I am willing to trade if I've got more than two of something. If I don't have multiples of a bobblehead, I usually direct those people to ebay.

Now there's another option, Bobbles Galore. Bobbles Galore is the world's largest SGA bobblehead doll reseller, and now has linked up with them. It's a great website thats got a huge selection of bobbleheads. Here's what Bobbles Galore is all about: is a subsidiary of CCD Sports, Inc. As bobblehead collectors ourselves, we started Bobbles Galore in 1997 with one simple goal: to connect bobblehead collectors with Stadium Giveaway bobblehead dolls from events across the United States.
Now over ten years later, Bobbles Galore has grown into one of the world's largest Stadium Giveaway bobblehead resellers. While our size and reach has certainly changed over the past decade, our core philosophy has not -- we believe collecting bobblehead dolls should be fun. To this end, we strive to provide each and every customer with the highest quality bobblehead dolls at the most competitive prices, while still offering top-notch customer service. We're still bobblehead doll collectors at heart, and will do whatever it takes to make your collecting experience as enjoyable as possible.
You can check out Bobbles Galore here, or by clicking on their logo in the sidebar.


  1. awsome! keep up the good work man. I think my sis is looking for an ethier bobblehead

  2. Have her check the website. Might be a bit more than ebay, but she won't have to bid.

  3. I just (today) got a 1962 Dodgers Bobblehead in MINT condition but while trying to find some information on it ive had issues. This one is a 1962 holding the glove and ball but on a square base not a round one. Could you contact me at ( if you know anything about this or want some photos to help me out. Thanks!!!