Friday, April 29, 2011

McCourt Appologizes To Fans On Dodgers Live

Before tonight's game between the Dodgers and Padres, ousted owner Frank McCourt issued an apology to  fans on Dodgers Live. Here's what he had to say:

"There's one thing I do want to say, 'cause I  haven't talked much over the last 18 months about my personal situation. In the last couple of days I've had a lot to say, but the most important thing I have to say this evening to Dodger fans is, that I'm sorry. I wanna just issue an apology to them for my personal mess having affected their lives and I wanna apologize for some of the lifestyle decisions I've made and I wanna apologize for any embarrassment I've caused  this community, this team and these fans. That said, I'm gonna fight for these fans. I have work to do to regain their trust and confidence, but I plan to do it and I'm gonna redouble my efforts to make sure I do get their trust and their support again and that I fight for what's mine, and I fight for these players out here and fight for this team."
It's probably too late Mr. McCourt, much too late.

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