Thursday, May 5, 2011

Anyone Going To Sheen-Co De Mayo Night?

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

So, is anyone going to the Lake Elsinore Storm game tonight? It's "Charlie Sheen-Co De Mayo" night, and the Storm are celebrating with a few Charlie Sheen-related promotions, including a bobblehead.

The bobblehead has Sheen wearing a red sombrero and a #99 Storm shirt. The #99 is a reference to Sheen's "Wild Thing" Vaughn character in the movie "Major League".  The Storm will also hand out 500 pairs of horn-rimmed-style glasses like Sheen wore in the movie.

Besides the bobbleheads and glasses, other promotions tonight will include: “tiger’s blood” cocktails, an in-game taco eating contest, and a "two-for-one Ho Hos special." Nice.

According to the Storm, the team has sold 3,000 tickets to tonight's game, so get there early if you want the bobblehead.


  1. Zambombazo - Very, very interesting. Many Latinos are upset with this promotion in Lake Elsinore. How do you feel about it?

  2. It's all in fun...I am not offended by the promotion and i'm mexican. I'll be there to get that bobblehead!!

  3. Javier - I'm not Mexican, but my wife is. She feels the same way.

    Have fun tonight!