Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clayton Kershaw Bobblehead Night

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Tonight was the first bobblehead night of the year, Clayton Kershaw. When we arrived at Dodger Stadium, we noticed it was much quieter than usual. In past years, there would be a long line of people waiting to get their bobbleheads, but that wasn't the case tonight. The line getting in was very short. Even half way through the game the stadium looked empty. So sad.

Empty seats

More empty seats

Anyway, it felt good getting my hands on this first bobblehead of 2011. I love the way they made Clayton look. The details on this one are amazing. From the beard to the big ears to the green eyes, this looks pretty close to the real Kersh. They even got the Duke Snider patch on the right sleeve. Good job by P2 Promotions.

Green eyes

Duke Snider patch

This bobblehead was presented by Bank of America. The Dodgers played the Milwaukee Brewers tonight, and won 3-0.

All gone.

I'm looking forward to the next bobblehead night, Don Mattingly, on June 1.


  1. very cool! love your website !

  2. Nice bobblehead! I'm glad you got your first 2011 Dodger Bobble.

  3. Anon - thanks!

    Ryan - thank you. Whens that first O's bobble?

  4. Got mine last night. It's a shame there wasn't much of a crowd. It really was a great game. I almost got Matt Kemp's homerun ball. Kid snatched it up before I could sprint down the stairs.

  5. yeah I went on saturday, the game Bills pitched a 1 hitter and we lost 1-0. it was a pretty sparse crowd that night too. the kershaw bobblehead looks great! so does the Gibson one. you still having the contest tonight?

  6. Format - contest tonight following the game.

  7. Joemorgan - its a jungle out there in the pavilion. You really have to fight for those hr balls!

    Format - that was a great game. I felt bad for Chad.

  8. yeah DB, it was very sad, he pitched his heart out.