Saturday, May 7, 2011

Congratulation Dimwit, Contest announcement

Congratulations to Sam of The Daily Dimwit for winning the bobblehead contest, sponsored by Bobbles Galore. Sam was the first person to answer my trivia question correctly. He'll recieve two Dodger bobbleheads, a Dodgers T-Shirt and a Preacher Roe autograph.

Thanks again to for the James Loney and Jonathan Broxton bobbleheads. Don't forget to check out Bobbles Galore for any SGA bobbleheads you may need.

And finally, thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. I had a great time putting this together, so I'm gonna do it again. This time it's gonna be for a Clayton Kershaw bobblehead, which the Dodgers will be giving away on May 17.

I'll be holding the contest on Wednesday, May 18. Stay tuned for more details on the contest.


  1. I know i'll be here on the 18th trying to get that Kershaw Bobble!

  2. That blog title just sounds funny.

  3. Truetotheblue - more info coming.

    BCB - I know. I like it though!

  4. I would kill to have the Manny bobble!!

  5. Im not gonna miss this next contest, I had to be in school while the question is announced..doh

  6. Format - Cool. I'll have an announcement later today...I think.