Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dodgers Players And Coaches Sign Autographs For Tornado Relief

I attended "Viva Los Dodgers" Day at Dodger Stadium today. They had all the usual festivities, mariachi bands, dancing, raffles and giveaways. The Dodgers also raised funds today for tornado relief in the southern states. Many players and coaches signed autographs for the fans in attendance. For a $5 donation, you were able to get one autograph. The whole event was spearheaded by Dodger reliever Lance Cormier, who is originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, one of the hardest cities hit by the tornadoes.

Some of the other Dodgers who appeared were: Manager Don Mattingly, Pitching Coach Rick Honeycutt and players Clayton Kershaw, Jonathan Broxton, Matt Guerrier, Chad Billingsly and Marcus Thames.

Tommy Lasorda was there too, taking pictures with the fans and the 1981 World Series trophy. Jim Campanis was also there, as the original schedueled autograph alley signer.

I got there early, and headed straight for the Don Mattingly line. The line moved quickly. I had Donnie sign his 1987 Donruss Yankees card.

Don Mattingly

Next was Rick Honeycutt. I had him sign a ball. I wasn't paying attention, and he signed the ball with Sharpie. Oh well.

Rick Honeycutt

Next was Clayton Kershaw. Surprisingly, his line only took about 15 minutes to get through. Marcus Thames was signing at the same table and they let us get both signatures for the $5 donation. I had Kersh sign a card and Thames sign my hat.


Marcus Thames

I got in the Tommy Lasorda line next, but missed him by just a few people. I wasn't too upset because I've met Tommy before. As I walked away, I ran into Dodgers photographer Jon Soo Hoo.

Jon Soo Hoo
At that point, the game was about to begin and people were heading to the stadium. Jim Campanis was still there signing,so I got in his line. He was very nice. He signed a card and my hat. He also took a picture with me and let me wear his World Series ring.

Jim Campanis

I had a great day today. I hope the Dodgers raised a lot of money! Thanks to Theresa for everything today. It was nice seeing Simon, Jason, Javier, Gustavo and Joseph. If I missed anyone, sorry. And thanks to Vin Scully Is My Homeboy for all the info on today's event.


  1. Good stuff dude, glad you had a good time!

  2. Greg - Thanks man! Nice to meet Kershaw again.

  3. Wow! Mattingly still needs to get rid of those sideburns!

  4. I'm sure it was, wish I could have gone. And not having to buy a bunch of merchandise just to get a crappy ball as the only available item for him to sign probably didn't hurt either haha.

  5. Karen - at least the 'stache is gone.

    Greg - Yup. I wanted to get only cards signed, but I couldn't find some of those guys.

  6. Looks like a good time. Sharpie seems to be okay on ball leather though?

  7. Arno - It was a lot of fun. They're doing it again tomorrow, I might go back and get the players I missed.

  8. Awesome that you met Donnie Baseball. He's missed in NYC.

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