Saturday, June 4, 2011

Player Appearance: James Worthy

Former Lakers Forward and Hall of Famer James Worthy made an appearance at Living Spaces in Van Nuys today. He was scheduled to sign autographs from 10:00-12:00.

When I arrived at the Living Spaces at 8:45, there were about 75 people in line. I met my buddy Alejandro there. Luckily he was one of the first people in line and had a wristband waiting for me.

Mr. Worthy arrived very late, at around 10:45. He apologized and said he'd make it up to us. The line moved pretty quickly. I had him sign some basketball cards. He signed two of the three I put in front of him. He was very nice, taking pics with the fans as well.

Once we got our autos, we noticed the line was pretty short, so we got in it again. Luckily, my buddy Tom had a nice spot, so we didn't have to wait too much longer. I had Worthy sign my last card and I took another pic with him.

I had a great time today. Thanks to James Worthy and Living Spaces for hosting the event. Thanks to Alejandro for holding that spot for me, I really appreciate it. Thanks to Tom as well for letting us in with him. It was also nice seeing Teresa, George, Juan and Willie.


  1. Nice autos! I didn't hear about this signing until the middle of the week. If I didn't buy my Newcombe ticket in advance, I might've made the drive out to Van Nuys.


  2. Johngy - Thanks!

    Martin - I heard about it Thursday. I think that's why it was so dead. I was originally planning on going to Newcombe, but changed my mind after I heard about this.

    How was the Newcombe event?

  3. The Newcombe event was cool. Not alot of people. Maybe 100 at most. He was really cool though. Real talkative and was taking his time.