Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Contest Time!

Alright, it's time for another Galore bobblehead contest.

The first follower to answer tonight's question correctly wins the Fernandomania bobblehead. You must also 'LIKE' Bobbles Galore on Facebook. You can see all the contest rules here.

OK, here's tonight's question:

Fernando Valenzuela played 11 seasons with the Los Angeles Dodger. He also played for five other teams in his career. The first follower to tell me any TWO of the five teams he played for wins the Fernandomania bobblehead.

Don't forget, you must answer on Bobbles Galore's Facebook page.


  1. Congrats Fredy on the bobblehead win!

  2. Sorry Will, had to answer on the bobblews galore facebook page

  3. oh I see, well I'm ready for next time then lol

  4. Will - OK. I'll be trying something different for the next contest.