Friday, August 5, 2011

Duke Snider Bobblehead Contest Rules

Alright, we've got another Galore bobblehead contest. The prize this time will be a Duke Snider bobblehead, the same one the Dodgers are giving away on Tuesday, August 9. Since the Duke is the last bobblehead the Dodgers are giving away in 2011, this might be the last contest we run.

We'll make the rules simple. 

(1You must be a 'Member' of this blog. What does that mean? Your name must be in my list of 'MEMBERS' in the blog sidebar. If you're already a member, you can win. If you're not a member, click on the 'JOIN THIS SITE' button in the sidebar. 

(2) Answer the question correctly. On Friday, August 12, I'll ask a question here on once the Dodgers/Astros game ends. The first person to answer the question correctly in the comments section of the contest post wins the Duke Snider bobblehead. 

If anyone has a question about the contest, email me at Remember, you must be a 'member' of and you must answer the contest question correctly in order to win.