Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Joy Of Completing A Project

Back in May, former Dodger Shortstop Bill Russell made an appearance at the local Sports Authority.  It was at that appearance that I decided I was going to work on getting autographs of all four members of the great Dodger infield, First Baseman Steve Garvey, Second Baseman Davey Lopes,  Third Baseman Ron Cey and of course, Russell. I picked up a picture of the foursome, and got Bill Russell to sign.

Two weeks later, I got Steve Garvey's signature. Then in June, I got Ron Cey. The only one eluding me was Davey Lopes. After finding out he would be doing Dodger Day at the LA County Fair on September 15, I realized it falls on a Thursday, the only day of the week I have to be in the office. If I wanted to complete this project soon, I would have to go to Dodger Stadium or take my picture to Frank & Sons.

I decided to take a shot at Dodger Stadium first. Tuesday night Mrs. Dodgerbobble and I met Alejandro at the Ravine, and we headed straight for the Field level. I wasn't down there for more than two minutes, when Davey Lopes walked past me. I had no time to react, I pulled out the picture, handed it to him, and noticed I didn't have my black Sharpie. The other three signatures were in black. Lopes was signing someone else's picture in blue Shaprpie when he grabbed my pic. He signed mine in blue too.  I was a little disappointed that his auto was a different color from the other three, but I was still happy to complete the picture.

While we were at Dodger Stadium, I got a few more autographs:
Maury Wills signing my hat

Maury Wills

Aaron Miles

Aaron Miles on the hat

Clayton Kershaw signed a couple cards for me

There was some innocent flirting going on between Javy and Mrs. Dodgerbobble. Cool! 

He signed the hat.

Kenley Jansen

Mike MacDougal

Scott Elbert

Matt Guerrier on the hat

Guerrier on card

Bullpen coach Ken Howell
I had a great time that night. I completed my infield project. I got a few autographs. I heard some great Beatles tunes. Andre Ethier hit a Grand Slam, and the Dodgers won!


  1. Nice! It is better to have Lopes' signature than to not have his signature at all, I always this one time say.

  2. I just wanted all four to look alike. I shouldn't complain though.

  3. It's still really really awesome haha. But I know what you mean, it could be more aesthetically-pleasing.

  4. Janet loves the Bull Fighter! Great autos and Ethier's grand slam was huge.

  5. wow DB! good job! looks like both you and the Dodgers had a great night!

  6. Mike - You going to Frank & Sons anytime soon? I need to pick up a couple of things.

    Format - How was the Tony Gwynn Jr appearance.

  7. Holy Cow! Is Frank and Sons still going on? I live in TX now, the last time I went there was probably 1998. Awesome place.

  8. Angels - F&S is still there. Good place to pick up cards and items for player appearances.

  9. It was great DB! there was a good amount of people there. I actually found his dad's rookie card, and brought it with me. Gywnn was impressed when he saw it and said for me to hold onto it. he didnt want to sign it. I got a signed picture and baseball, and he signed my autograph book. was a good day.

  10. I can go to Franks on a weekday. If you can get a Weds. off then I will roll. Weekends are going to be bust for me now.

  11. Im I the only one that thinks Clayton needs to work on his autographing skills ?

  12. Anonymous - No, you're not. I don't understand his signature. How the hell do you get Clayton Kershaw out of that?>

  13. Looks like you came up. That's the one thing I loved about this year and nobody goin to the games. No lines for food or beer. And the players were really accessable since there weren't that many people at the stadium. I ain't goin to boycott my dodgers family no way.

  14. Oh hell get better at autographing, once he wins a few cy youngs :)

  15. gododger5 - You're right. I hated seeing the empty stadium, but everything else was great.

    Format - Even though his auto sucks, I don't want it to change. Although I would love to see Cy Young 2011 underneath his name.