Friday, September 2, 2011

Dodgers To Give Away "Interlocking Decade Bobbleheads" in 2012?

The Dodgers have sent emails asking their fans to take a survey regarding potential giveaway items for the 2012 season.  You can take that survey here. All the typical survey questions are asked. They want to know all about the person they are surveying.

When they get to the actual promotion portion of the survey, they list a bunch of potential giveaways. Some interesting items on the list include a Clayton Kershaw strikeout counter, Dodger sunglasses and a Tommy Lasorda Gnome(love this one!).

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Then we get to the bobblehead portion of the survey. Of course, this is the part that gets me excited. The survey says the Dodgers are considering six different "Interlocking Decade Bobbleheads" throughout the 2012 season. Each bobblehead would be a Dodger legend from a different decade that "interlocked" as if they were puzzle pieces and align together according to decade. The Dodgers would offer the "Interlocking Decade Bobbleheads" as six different giveaways throughout the 2012 season. 

Now, I'm not sure what I think of the whole interlocking part. I've never seen anything like that before, so I give the Dodgers some credit for thinking outside the box. Everyone knows I like a unique bobblehead. 

The survey also asks "which Dodger player or Dodger legend would you like to see as part of the 'Interlocking Bobblehead' series giveaways in 2012?". Of course, like any blue-blooded Dodger fan, the first legend that comes to mind is Vin Scully, but we all know he doesn't want to be a bobblehead, so I move on. I chose a player from each decade starting with the 1950's. Here are my picks: 1950's - Roy Campanella, 1960's -Sandy Koufax, 1970's - Davey Lopes, 1980's - Orel Hershiser, and the 1990's - Mike Piazza. The 50's was tough decade for me because there are so many great players to pick from. I also had a tough time with the 70's. I went with Lopes because Steve Garvey and Ron Cey already got bobbleheads. 

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I was going to make bobblehead predictions for 2012, but I think this is what the Dodgers are going to go with, so, I may not give those prediction at all. But, I could still do it just to have some fun. We'll see.

So, who has taken this survey? Do you like the "Interlocking Decade Bobblehead" idea? What players or legends would you choose?

Hat tip to reader Chris on survey info


  1. I like the idea of how it will look and interested in seeing the complete picture all off six bobbleheads together ...but when i think of putting them next to my other bobbleheads thats when i don't like the idea ....These six would create 1, while the rest of my bobbleheads would be independent, so we shall see ....oh even though Vin Scully dosen't want to be a bobble i still put it

  2. interesting idea, although I think I like the traditional bobbleheads better. but I think its a cool idea. good picks DB.

  3. Chris - good points. And Vin is the bobblehead I want the most.

    Format - agreed on the traditional bobbleheads.

  4. I like the idea. It's something else. I would have loved nodders of our current boys. But i put in Koufax and Hershiser (with capital letters). A McCourt voodoo doll would hve been nice as well.

  5. Dutch - I would stick a thousand pins in that doll.