Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forever Collectibles Manny Ramirez Bobblehead Only $2.97

I was shopping on yesterday, and of course I made my way to the bobblehead page to see if anything new was added.  Nothing new there, but I did find a good deal. The price of a Forever Collectibles Los Angeles Dodgers Manny Ramirez Big Head Bobble has come down quite a bit. The original price was $18.99, and now has been reduced to $2.97! Plus, is offering an additional 20% off select merchandise, bringing the price down a little more to $2.38. I guess they want to unload these things, huh?

Now, I'm more of an SGA bobblehead collector, but I can't pass up a good deal, especially since there won't be anymore Dodger bobbleheads handed out for a while. I lost a lot of respect for Manny since he was busted for using performance-enhancing drugs, but he's still one of my favorite Dodgers of all-time, so this bobble is a welcome addition to my collection.

To purchase one of these Manny bobbleheads, click here.


  1. Thanks for the heads up DB! I picked one of these up after reading this post. I'm also more of an SGA collector, but the deal was too good to pass up. You definitely get alot of bobble for your money too.

  2. Ryan - No problem. No matter what you think about Manny, this is too good of a deal to pass up.

  3. That's exactly how I feel, and you can never have too many dodger bobbles!