Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kershaw Wins His 20th Game

Photo Credit  Alex Gallardo / AP
Congrats to Clayton Kershaw on his 20th Win of the season. He becomes the first Dodger pitcher to win 20 games since Ramon Martinez did it in 1990. Kersh, who faced two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum, went 7.1 innings tonight, struck out 6 and allowed only one run while lowering his ERA to 2.27 on the year. This was his fourth time beating Lincecum this season. It was also his fifth victory against the Giants in 2011.

Kershaw leads the league in strikeouts(242), ERA(2.27), opponents batting average and is tied for the league lead in wins with Arizona's Ian Kennedy. That Cy Young Award is within his reach. 

Clayton Kershaw is scheduled to make one more start this season.


  1. Hes a shoe in for the Cy young. like Kemp said if Kershaw doesn't get the award there's something wrong with MLB.

  2. Agreed. If he doesn't, there is something wrong with the writers.