Friday, October 28, 2011

The Baseball Season Ends Tonight

What a game last night, huh? That was one of the best World Series games I've ever seen, exciting to the end. It was fun watching the Rangers and Cards slug it out. Every time you thought the Rangers would end it, those Cards kept coming back. 

Looking forward to game 7 tonight! So who's winning it all, St. Louis or Texas?

Pic via St.Louis Post Dispatch


  1. Rooting for the Rangers

  2. Same here. I have always hated the Cards. Plus Beltre is one of my favorites still.

  3. going for the cards.. their from the NL and they have one of my fav dodgers to watch until dee gordon came in that is.. Furcal get that ring!

  4. Should be a great game. Wish it was the Dodgers there.