Saturday, October 1, 2011

Player Appearance: Don Newcombe

Dodger great Don Newcombe made an appearance today at Frank & Sons Collectibles. He was scheduled to sign autographs from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

I arrived at F&S at around 10:00 and purchased my ticket. When I got there I expected to see a large crowd because there were a few Dodgers signing besides Newk, including Manny Mota, Wes Parker, Tim Leary, Steve Lyons and Javy Guerra. It was pretty dead there though.

Psycho signing

Tim Leary


Newcombe ran a little late, arriving at around noon, but once he arrived, he began signing right away. I had him sign a ball, but I had a difficult time deciding on that. I was going back and forth between his bobblehead or the ball, and in the end I chose the ball because my recent bobbleahead autos have turned out crappy. Back in February, I tried to get Newk to sign the bobblehead for me and was unsuccessful. I really should've gotten both signed today, and now I'm regretting it. Oh well, I'll get another opportunity at the bobblehead in the future.

Mr. Newcombe was very friendly as usual, shaking hands with everyone and even chatting a little with the fans. Thanks to Frank and Sons for holding another great Dodger event and thanks to Don Newcombe for the autograph. Quick shoutout to David, winner of the Duke Snider bobblehead contest, it was nice meeting you today. And of course, it was great seeing everyone else.


  1. Sweet autograph. Just saw on frank & and sons that i missed the event and came to your blog and of course you were there. Lol. Do you get your autograph's authenticated by PSA DNA?

  2. Follow Me - I don't. I'm not selling them. They're for my personal collection. I've got pics of the player signing the item.

    I do have some older autos that I have picked up over the years that I need to get authenticated though.

  3. the autographs i have are for my collection too but i would just lie to get a certificate of authenticity. Do you know anywhere i can go personally?

  4. Follow Me - where do you live? My local card shop does authentication once a month. Valley Sports Cards.

  5. I live in the inland empire but I'm always in LA.

  6. Guess we missed each other again. I will be there on the 5th for the 81 get together. I need Guererro, Welch and Reuss. You mention Valley Sports does authentication? Is that PSA?

  7. Matthew - sorry I missed you on Saturday. I'll be there on the 1st getting Pedro and Dusty.

    My LCS authenticator is Global. Here is the link: