Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dodger Sign Aaron Harang

Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images North America
According to MLBTradeRumors.com (via MLB Network's Jon Heyman), the Dodgers have signed pitcher Aaron Harang to two-year deal worth roughly $12 million.

 From MLBTR.com:
Harang, 33, enjoyed a nice rebound campaign with his hometown Padres in 2011. The former Reds ace notched 170 2/3 innings, his highest total since 2008, while posting a solid ERA of 3.64, striking out 6.5 per nine, and walking 3.1 per nine.
FIP and SIERA marks of 4.17 and 4.25, respectively suggest that Harang, a flyball pitcher (41%) was likely aided somewhat by moving from Great American Ballpark to the spacious confines of Petco Park. His new home park, Dodger Stadium, also has a history of limiting the long ball, though not as much as Petco.
I don't have a huge problem with this signing. His numbers aren't bad, although he did pitch at PetCo. I think Harang is fine as a fifth starter, and he should pitch well at Dodger Stadium. I just would've preferred Hiroki Kuroda over Harang and Chris Capuano.

The rotation is set now:
1. Clayton Kershaw
2. Chad Billingsley
3. Ted Lilly
4. Chris Capuano
5. Aaron Harang

It's one big Ace at the top of the rotation and four #5-types. And yes, Chad Billingsley is a number-five-type  of pitcher. At least Kuroda would have been a solid #2. 


  1. Finally a signing I can get behind.

  2. Like I said, he's fine as a fifth starter. I think they should've brought Hiro back though.

  3. True, but they (say they) have no money. As soon as that new owner is in place we'll get some aces.

  4. I hope you're right. These two-year deals Ned is giving away are going to hamstring the Dodgers in 2013 because they're so back-loaded.

    New ownership may not be able to do anything right away.

  5. Billingsley CAN be a true #2 starter. It's just up to his head.

  6. You are lucky. At least you guys have the #1. We are trying to get by with a #3 as ace and 9 #5 starters fighting it out for the rest.

  7. Night Owl - you're absolutely right. It's all up to him. He seems to face become a six inning pitcher though.

    I've always liked Bills. He's built like an Ace, and he's got the goods. He just hasn't been able to put it together for an entire season yet.

  8. Hiflew - its always gonna be tough getting free agents play in Denver. I'm sure Rox fans miss Ubaldo tremendously.