Thursday, February 9, 2012

More 2012 Bobbleheads Around The Majors

A few more MLB teams have added bobbleheads to their 2012 promotional schedules.

The Milwaukee Brewers have always been a great bobblehead team. This year they have six on the schedule: Jonathan Lucroy on April 22, Yovani Gallardo on May 13, Nyjer Morgan on June 10, Italian Racing Sausage on July 1, Bob Uecker on July 29 and Aramis Ramirez on September 16.

The Washington Nationals are giving away three nodders this season. Stephen Strasburg gets the first of three bobbleheads on April 14. Slugger Michael Morse get his on August 5 and the third goes to 3B Ryan Zimmerman on September 8.

The Cleveland Indians are going old school with their bobbleheads in 2012. Four of the five they are giving away are former players. Joe Carter on May 20, Carlos Baerga on June 3, Asdrubal Cabrera on June 18, Sandy Alomar Jr on the 4th of July and Gaylord Perry on August 12.

The Toronto Blue Jays have 3 bobblehead nights this year. Brandon Morrow on May 20, Yunel Escobar on June 3 and Ricky Romero on August 19.

The San Francisco Giants released their promotional schedule weeks ago, but today they announced their Special Events dates. They've got everything there from Chinese Heritage Night to Cinco De Mayo Night to Brewfest. On September 4, the team will honor native San Franciscan Bruce Lee with a bobblehead. 
2012 serves as the "Year of the Dragon", so what better way to celebrate than to honor the life and times of The Dragon himself, Bruce Lee? Lee, a San Francisco native, went on to become arguably the most renowned martial artist of all time, and the Giants would like to recognize that! By sharing his knowledge and skills throughout the world, Lee became not only a master, but an icon. Your ticket to this event will include a collector's edition Bruce Lee bobblehead, as well as a ticket to the game in one of the Bruce Lee Tribute Night sections! Whether you are a martial artist, instructor, or fan, we look forward to hosting you and your group at AT&T Park. Partial proceeds from this event go to the Bruce Lee Foundation.
It may be a Giant, but I love Bruce Lee. I have to get this one.

The Chicago White Sox only have two bobbleheads scheduled. Robin Ventura gets his on May 26. Not sure if they're going player or manager on this one. The second bobble is the Beer Vendor bobblehead on August 4.


  1. Too many bobbleheads I need to have.

    Bob Uecker and Bruce Lee bobbleheads are on my must have list. Italian Racing Sausage, Joe Carter, Sandy Alomar Jr., and Gaylord Perry bobbleheads are also on my radar. I already have a White Sox beer vendor bobble, it's okay, not sure why they did another.

    1. I want a lot of those too. I think the Beer Vendor bobblehead is replacing a Mark Buehrle bobblehead that was scheduled before he signed with Miami.

  2. Damn, the year I can't afford a plane ticket to Baltimore, D.C. will do Strasburg and Zimmerman!? Ridiculous.