Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adding A Few More Dees

I swung by the LCS today to get some last minute bids in on the bid board and also to pick up some Dee Gordon cards I needed. I've fallen behind on all the Gordon cards out there, but I am catching up. Here are a few I picked up today.

This is the back of the gold Bowman refractor above. #d/250

If anyone has Dee Gordon cards they're interested in trading, comment below or email me.


  1. I really like the ones that say his full name, not just dee, but the dee ones are also cool

  2. Awesome pick ups!

  3. The Gordon Bowman Rookie cards are cool. Does the shop have more of those?

    1. I think so. I'll ask Rich today when I pick up my bid board winnings.

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  5. He signed that Topps gold future for me last monday at spring training. It looks sick. Those cards look great DB! -Clint