Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pre-Order Your Dee Gordon Bobblehead

As most of you know, Dee Gordon has become one of my favorite Dodgers. I'm a big fan of the speedy base-stealing types, and Dee might be the fastest one out there. He has the potential to steal 100 bases and become a star in L.A.  That's why I'm stacking up on his cards and autographs now. 

The one thing I don't have is a Dee Gordon bobblehead. I know a lot of Dodger bobblehead collectors, myself included, wanted to see one released this year. Well, now we can all finally add that Dee bobble to the collection. Forever Collectibles along with Bobbles Galore is releasing a limited edition Dee Gordon bobblehead. Numbered to 300, this bobblehead has Dee on top of a Los Angeles Dodgers base standing in a bunting pose. 

These bobbles won't be available for about 90 days, but you can pre-order them now for $34.95 by clicking the PayPal button in the sidebar. Remember, these are limited to 300, so don't miss your opportunity to get one now. 

Below is a mock-up of what the bobblehead will look like. We hope to have an actual picture soon. If you have any questions, please comment below or email me at

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