Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Contest Time! Part Two

For the ten(eight) of you lucky enough to get to this point, congrats.  You have one more question to answer. The first dodgerbobble.com follower to answer this question in the comments section below wins the Orel Hershiser bobblehead.

Pitcher Don Sutton has the most wins in Dodger history. What Dodger pitcher has the second most wins?

Answer in comments section below.


  1. Damn that was close.

    Truetotheblue with the win!

  2. Darn it, late by a couple of seconds. Congrats to TruetotheBlue! Play at the Plate was also close, the 3 of us answered at 10:59 pm. Thanks for the contest DB!

  3. Congrats to True and thanks for the contest!

  4. Hey you guys, we're gonna hold a Dee Gordon bobblehead contest soon. Next contest will be with the Randomizer, so you won't have to put any thought into it at 11:00 pm.