Sunday, July 29, 2012

Josh Hamilton Bobblehead Night

Last night I made the 100 mile drive to Bakersfield to catch a Blaze game. The Blaze are the single-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds in the California League.  I went out there with buddies Mike of Nomo's Sushi Platter fame and Tom. The Blaze were giving away Josh Hamilton bobbleheads to the first 500 fans in attendance. Hamilton played for the team in 2002 when they were an affiliate of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

This was only the second minor league game I had ever been to, and the first one was a lot of fun, so I couldn't wait to get down there. When we arrived at Sam Lynn Ballpark there were a couple of short lines, nothing too crazy. We only waited about ten minutes before the gates opened. When we got in we opened up the bobblehead boxes right away to see Hamilton. What we saw was a bit shocking. Let's just say it's not the average bobblehead. We'll take a look at that in a sec. As far as the game goes, it was pretty lackluster. The Blaze lost to the Stockton Ports 6-0. Oh, we did run into former major-league pitcher-turned agent Dave Stewart. He was sitting a couple sections from us watching one of his clients play, so of course I had to get his autograph. 

Dave Stewart signing 

Stewart's sig
 Back to the bobblehead. I don't know much about this, like who designed it or where it was made. It's just so...weird. Take a look.

Obviously it looks nothing like Hamilton, but I must admit, it does put a smile on my face so I'm happy to add it to the collection. I had a great time at the Blaze game too and can't wait to get back there for another game!


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  2. Hahahahaha! The face is so funny looking.

  3. Damn did they intentionally make him goofy looking? Did u meet ken griffey sr?

    1. I don't think it was intentional, just bad art work.

      I asked Griffey for an autograph twice and he said no both times.

  4. Yea i met him ar a 66ers game. He told me after the game, i waited through xtra innings and at the end he just bailed what a douche

  5. Not the best bobble, but still a cool one to add to the collection. Well done on that Stewart auto.

  6. Hi I was wondering where I can get the baseball cards with the sweet spot on them.