Monday, July 16, 2012

Tommy Lasorda/Walter Alston Bobblehead Night

Last Saturday the Dodgers honored former Managers Walter Alston and Tommy Lasorda with a dual bobblehead. Presented by Bank of America this bobblehead was given to the first 50,000 fans in attendance.

Usually, I go the bobblehead games with Mrs.Dodger Bobble, but earlier in the day I won two more tickets at a Steve Garvey appearance, so we took our two sons with us. We arrived at Dodger Stadium early, over two hours before game time, because the last time the Dodgers gave away a bobblehead on a Saturday night, I ended up getting there very late. Plus, former Dodger catcher Paul LoDuca was signing autographs in autograph alley from 4:10-5:30 and I knew there would be a lot of people trying to get his autograph.  

Boy was I right. When we got to autograph alley there was already a very long line for LoDuca. We heard he was only personalizing autographs, which was a little disappointing, but we decided to get the signature anyway.  Paul was very nice, and signed everything put down in front of him. It was a little strange to see a Dodger employee standing over his shoulder making sure he personalized every autograph. 

That's me and LoDuca

From there, we went up and got our bobbleheads. There was a surprisingly small crowd there that night. Dr. Frank Jobe, famous for performing the first Ulnar Collateral Ligament replacement surgery, threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Tommy John, the man who Jobe performed the first surgery on and who the surgery is now named for. It was a touching moment which received a standing ovation.  

Like every other bobblehead recipient, Lasorda and Alston got a  nice video tribute on the Jumbotron which also got a standing ovation. The Dodgers on the other hand did not deserve a standing ovation. After taking a 6-5 lead into the 9th inning, and being only one strike away from winning, Closer Kenley Jansen had a brain fart on the mound. The Padres had runners on second and third base when Jansen began removing dirt from his cleat. The runner at third saw this and stole home. Jansen then  made a high throw to the plate allowing the next baserunner to score. The Dodgers failed to score in the bottom of the ninth, and fell to the Padres 7-6. It was a sad way to end a night that started off good.

On to the bobblehead. This is another dual mini bobblehead that looks absolutely amazing. I'm not a big fan of the size, but I can live with it because of how great the features are. Lasorda looks like Lasorda and Alston looks like Alston. Enough said. 

The next bobblehead giveaway is Kirk Gibson on Tuesday, July 31 when the Dodgers play the Arizona Diamondbacks.


  1. Did LoDuca give you any gambling tips?

  2. How did you know that LoDuca was going to be signing autos? Any idea when the next autograph session is? =)

    1. Dodgers posted the autograph alley info on their website. Tomorrow Bob Welch is signing.

  3. I really hated how the game ended. I've never been so sad at the end of a game before.