Thursday, August 9, 2012

Player Appearance: Reggie Smith, Rick Monday, Sweet Lou Johnson And Ken Howell

On Sunday, August 5, the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills hosted the MVP Sports Foundation's 4th annual  All-Star Auction and Dodger Reunion to benefit the Simi Valley Little League. Former Dodgers Rick Monday, Reggie Smith, "Sweet" Lou Johnson and Ken Howell were in attendance. The benefit featured two auctions, one live and one silent, both with many nice pieces of sports memorabilia up for bid. The  event was scheduled from 4:30 to 9:30 and admission was $20 at the door.

When I arrived at the Canyon Club, I just happened to walk in right behind Reggie Smith. I was there to get autographs, so it was nice to start off fast. Reggie signed one ball and one card for me. Then he got mobbed by other autograph seekers.

After I got Smith, I took a look around at the silent auction items. I bid on a couple of pieces that had fair starting prices. While I was checking things out, Ken Howell and Lou Johnson walked in. Ken signed a couple of cards for me and I got a picture with Lou. I had just got Lou to sign a few things for me a couple of days earlier so I didn't get anything signed at this event. 

After a few minutes the last of the former Dodgers arrived, Rick Monday. I got him to sign a ball for me as soon as he walked through the door, then he got mobbed just like Smith did. People were throwing multiple items at him and he signed away. Monday then got on stage and got the whole benefit started. Once Monday got off the stage he continued to sign and take pictures. That's when I got a couple of cards signed and got a pic with him.

The whole event was very entertaining. There was live music from a group called the Lapdogs, then the live auction began. The first two item up for bid were an Andre Ethier framed signed jersey and a Matt Kemp framed signed jersey. The Ethier went for $350 and the Kemp for $600. Other items being auctioned off were vacations, helicopter rides and batting lessons from Reggie Smith.

As I mentioned, I did bid on a few items in the silent auction. I only won one of them, a ball signed by Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen. 

I had a great time at this event and can't wait to go back next year.


  1. This event sounded fun. A shame I missed it. You got to rock out and get some autos. How long were you playing air guitar to Lapdog for?

  2. Pretty good night, man. Congrats!


  3. Just saw ur pix's bro. N those r nice pick ups. N dats not just Marlins mngr Ozzie Guillen, dats 3X All Star, 2X W.S. Champ, GG winner, ROY, n MOY Ozzie Guillen!!:o SWEET!! Wish I could've gone 2 dis :(

    1. Great way of looking at the Ozzie auto! I like it a lot more now.

  4. i really like mo's signature. and reggie's too. nice haul