Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Facebook Trading: Kershaw, Kemp, Killebrew, Ethier And Seager

Over the last year or so I've been invited to over a dozen baseball card or autograph related Facebook groups. Some of these groups are a blast to be in and have hundreds of members, others just flame out as quickly as they're started. From a handful of good groups that I regularly contribute to and follow, I've been able to make some nice trades with other members. 

I've completed two trades in the last week. The first was with Facebook friend Rodney. Rodney showed interest in a Bob Gibson autograph I had and after looking through his album I found out he was a pretty big Clayton Kershaw fan. There were a few Kershaws I liked in his collection but one stood out from the rest, his Five Star silver auto.  It would be part of our trade, but it wouldn't be the only thing. 

After going back and forth a few times we were able to turn our small trade into a larger one. In the end I was able to add another Hall of Fame baseball to my display case, picking up a beautiful Harmon Killebrew sweet spot baseball. I was also able to get Rodney to trade two other Dodger autos, with new Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier certified sigs coming my way.

The other trade I made was with Facebook friend Garrett. Garrett is from Detroit and after chatting with him last week he mentioned he would be making the two hour drive from Motown to Midland, Michigan to autograph the Great Lakes Loons, Class A affiliate of the Dodgers. He made the trip last Wednesday because Dodger great and Michigan State legend Steve Garvey was making an appearance at the stadium. Since he was heading out there I figured I would ask him to try and get an autograph from Dodger prospect Corey Seager. Garrett was able to get Seager to sign, so we worked something out right away and now I have my first Seager signature. 

I want to thank Rodney and Garrett for the trades. I 'm looking forward to more in the future.


  1. Glad you are enjoying your items! I love the stuff I got back in the deal.

  2. Really nice additions to your collection. Those baseball are sweet.

  3. That Killebrew auto is very nice! Crisp and in the center. All great additions!

  4. Great pickups! Awesomeness all around. Love the Seager!

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