Saturday, April 10, 2010

George Sherrill Blows

Great job Sherrill. Andre Ethier's two run pinch hit single and Matt Kemp's monster homerun were so damn exciting. All that excitement disappeared once George Sherrill came into the game in the 9th inning to relieve Ramon Troncoso. I had a bad feeling when I saw him enter. Sherrill only managed to get one of the five batters he faced out, before blowing the game. Sherrill's ERA is now a beautiful 22.50.


  1. this guys a clown

  2. what is it gonna take to get this guy sent down to figure his shit out!??? he has sucked so bad ever since last years playoffs-it carried thru the into the season!!!
    we have an amazing offense now...and we are blowing chances to win with an unstable bullpen!!! inexcuseable!

  3. Anon - Sherrill needs to figure out what's causing this mechanical flaw. There are some problems with the bullpen, true. Kuo and Bellisario are needed. Russ Ortiz is garbage. But there are some positives. Ramon Troncoso has been good. Ramon Ortiz looked great in two innings of work yesterday. Jeff Weaver still hasn't given up a run. Broxton is...well Broxton.
    In the end, the Dodger bullpen will be fine.