Friday, April 2, 2010

Italian Sausage Gets Bobbled

I've seen some strange bobbleheads, in my day, but this may be one of the strangest. On August 8, the Milwaukee Brewers will be giving away a Klement's Racing Sausage Italian Sausage bobblehead to all fans in attendance. It's one of seven bobbleheads the Brewers will be giving away this season. Other bobbles they will be giving away this year are a Bernie Brewer bobblehead on April 11 and a Miller Lite beer vendor bobblehead August 28. Weird. Could you imagine the Dodgers giving away a Farmer John bobblehead or a Roger Owens Peanut Man bobblehead? No. Neither can I.


  1. If they were cheaper to make, I could see McCourt doing it.

  2. these are the same people who wear giant foam hats shaped like cheese.

  3. I hope that Italian Sausage is edible, that would be even better than a Lincecum bobblehead with real hair from Timmy.

  4. I love Milwaukee! Celebrating the sausage...

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