Friday, April 2, 2010

Care To Make A Wager?

The Dodgers are in in Anaheim tonight to play the Angels in the first of two exhibition games. Tomorrow's game will be played at Dodger Stadium. This got me thinking about my annual bet with my buddy Tom. Every year we bet which team will have more wins during the season, Dodgers or Angels, with the winner taking $2 for every game won. Last year he took $4 from me, with the Angels winning 97 games and the Dodger 95. This year I'm taking his money.


  1. Mr. Bobble you have made a wise investment in the Dodger Blue this season. The departures of Chone Figgens, John Lackey and the Impaler will leave the Halos yearning for the glory days of Bobby Grich and Mike Witt. Now if the Dodger staff holds up you will be raking in a Cambodian fortune.

  2. Absolutely right.

    Caambodian fortune. YESSSS!!!!