Saturday, May 15, 2010

Triple Crown Watch On Hold

The Dodgers got bad some bad news today. Andre Ethier fractured the knuckle of his right pinkie today during batting practice. He will head back to Los Angeles Sunday to have his hand examined by team doctor Neal ElAttrache and hand specialist Dr. Steve Shin.

Andre Ethier:
"It was a freak thing. I was in the cage hitting and I've done this a few times, where my finger gets pinned under the knob of the bat and it gets sprained or bruised. This time it gave way. I kept swinging three or four times and thought it was sprained. I went to the cage and it started throbbing a little bit.

I went out to play catch and it blew up a little more. I tried to hold a bat and it didn't feel right and I told Donnie [Mattingly, hitting coach]. It's right at the leverage point of my swing. I guess my finger kind of slipped when I threw the knob and it got contorted.

They told me fracture, and I didn't even look at the X-rays. I didn't want to see it. It could be a couple of days. It could be longer. We'll see what they say tomorrow."

Dre is currently leading the National League in all three Triple Crown categories, average (.392), home runs (11) and RBIs (38).

Hopefully this isn't anything major. The Dogers really need him. Tuesday night is Andre Ethier bobblehead night at Dodger Studium. I'd love to see him there in uniform and playing. The last time a Dodger came back to play from a hand injury on his bobblehead night, we saw this.