Friday, July 30, 2010

All-New Coke Value Pack Update

I have an update on the All New Coke Value Pack promotion the Dodgers are running. After posting this promtion on Sunday, I got a few emails asking which bobbleheads would be given away, and how it would work.

So I sent an email to the Dodgers ticket office asking if it was any of the bobbleheads that were given out this year. They responded,  no, but it will most-likely be Jonathan Broxton or Manny.

So if you missed out on Brox or Manny(not sure which Manny they are talking about), you may want to pick up this ticket pack.

Here's the promotion again:

On select Wednesday's, Thursday's and Sunday's in August, you can purchase a New Coke Value Pack, which includes 4 Tickets, 4 Dodger Dogs, 4 Cokes and 4 Bobbleheads. This deal starts August 4th, you'll receive a current Dodger Bobblehead with every ticket. Here are the dates:

August 4 vs the Padres

August 5 vs the Padres

August 8 vs the Nationals

August 18 vs the Rockies

August 19 vs the Rockies

August 22 vs the Reds

You can purchase the All-New Coke Value Pack here.

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